Your Professional Brand

Every professional, regardless of industry, should have a personal website that shares with the world who they are, what side projects they are working on, and why they do what they do. When someone searches your name in Google, Bing, or other search engines, what does the first page of results reveal? For example, at the time of this writing, Google will show this order:

  1. this website
  2. Twitter @thewestalbert
  3. Facebook page /WESTALBERTpage
  4. a preview of 3 YouTube videos, one of which is an interview
  5. LinkedIn profile /westalbert
  6. The Wes Talbert Show podcast on Stitcher
  7. The Wes Talbert Show podcast on Apple iTunes
  8. Medium @wes.talbert

Why does your professional brand matter?

Here’s why: exactly 7 days ago I sent out a mailer to hundreds of business contacts, from my work email address, discussing solutions regarding my employer. No where in the email was personal contact information, this web site, or my social media accounts with the exception of LinkedIn, of course. Regardless of that lack of personal contact information, the traffic to this personal website completely unrelated to my employer, went up by 129%.

No matter what you do in your professional career, there will come a time that people will search for you elsewhere to learn more about you, ascertain if they should consider doing business with you, and more. Building a professional brand that is prominent in search results on the Internet is key.

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