Studio Testing Live Stream to Periscope

Did my first live stream from the studio over Periscope earlier today as a test. The live streaming device I use is 4K capable, but it did not provide a stream quality selection for Periscope and appears to have broadcast at 540p. By comparison, it allows choices up to 1080p for live streaming on YouTube. The microphone was set to the maximum amplification, so there is a bit of echo. During clearing of the throat it hit gnarly peaks as well. Next broadcast I will turn the microphone down 2 or 3 notches.

When the live stream was initiated on Periscope, it automatically tweeted and embedded the live stream video on my Twitter account which was a nice touch. The replay can also be found on Periscope.

1 thought on “Studio Testing Live Stream to Periscope”

  1. I am a bit displeased with the video quality when streaming to Periscope. It streamed at 540p and did not have the crisp video I want for the viewers. If I do live streaming in the future, it will likely be YouTube instead.

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