Memphis Hoodoo Magick (Part 1) with Tony Kail – The Wes Talbert Show

In this episode of The Wes Talbert Show entitled Memphis Hoodoo Magick (Part 1), our host Wes Talbert speaks with special guest Tony Kail, author of A Secret History of Memphis Hoodoo and A Cop’s Guide to Occult Investigations. Within part one of this two-part episode, Tony takes us on a walk through the beginnings of Hoodoo, explains how it differs from Voodoo, and the unique connection Hoodoo has to Memphis and the Mid-South. He talks of common magickal rituals, gris-gris & mojo bags, the magick of conjurers, root workers, and spiritualists. With Tony’s unique background as a cultural anthropologist, he takes a thoughtful and respectful approach to discussing the history of Memphis Hoodoo with us on the show.

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