Go Viral on Facebook

As my listeners, readers, and occasional viewers are aware, the most active of all the social media outlets I leverage is my Facebook page @WESTALBERTpage. Going viral on any platform, even Facebook, is far from easy, but a recent video I posted did exactly that. At of the time of this article, it has been viewed over 523,000 times for a total of nearly 1.1 million minutes with over 7,600 reactions and over 16,700 shares as you can see below.

Above: metrics snippet from the actual post on the Facebook page.

Above: peak performance for the post was actually the day after it was posted.

Above: the post reach of over 963,000 is completely organic. No investment ($0) was made in paid reach.

Above: the post drove over 20,000 reactions from those who viewed it.

Above: for this week (July 13-19 of 2018), my Facebook page had more engagement than these 5 amazing entrepreneurs.

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