The Podcast

The Wes Talbert Show is a regular podcast I host and produce. It is intended to share information on a variety of topics, challenge the status quo, and present other perspectives. The podcast is available on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play Music, and over 30 other directories and applications. Each episode will be announced on this website, the Facebook page, Twitter, and Google+ with show notes published on Medium.


On iTunes

The Wes Talbert Show is a free podcast available on iTunes.


On Medium

Show notes from the podcast can be found on Medium.


On Stitcher

The Wes Talbert Show podcast is also available on Stitcher.

The Vlog

The Wes Talbert Vlog is an unscripted video blog that I publish to the YouTube channel and Facebook page. While the show (podcast) is structured, the vlog is spontaneous. Vlog updates will also be announced on Twitter and Google+ as well as this website.


On Twitter

Follow @THEwestalbert for the latest announcements.


On YouTube

The Wes Talbert Vlog is available on YouTube.


On Facebook

on Facebook.

Great Ideas?

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