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  • A Memphis Wedding

    A Memphis Wedding

    In 2018, our family gathered in Memphis to celebrate the wedding of a beloved cousin. The wedding took place in a beautiful banquet hall adorned with elegant décor and twinkling lights. The bride was radiant in her exquisite gown, and the groom looked dapper in his suit. The ceremony was filled with love and joy…

  • A Wedding in Vail

    A Wedding in Vail

    The Dotson wedding in Vail, Colorado was a magical summer affair that took place in July 2018. The breathtaking backdrop of the majestic Rocky Mountains set the stage for the couple’s nuptials, with lush greenery, blooming wildflowers, and snow-capped peaks providing a picturesque setting for their special day. The outdoor ceremony was held on a…

  • Dotson Wedding Shower

    Dotson Wedding Shower

    Hanny, a close friend of the bride-to-be, went all out in hosting a memorable wedding shower for her friend and her fiancé at the exquisite Talbert home. The beautifully decorated venue was adorned with twinkling fairy lights and soft floral arrangements that added a touch of elegance to the event. The couple was showered with…