Tag: Trick or Treat

  • Halloween 2022

    Halloween 2022

    Hanny and Wes had gone all out for Halloween, donning costumes as ancient Roman soldiers. Hanny looked fierce, wielding an axe with a determined expression on her face. Her armor was intricately crafted, emulating the formidable look of a Roman warrior. Beside her, Wes brandished a broadsword, exuding confidence and strength. His Roman soldier attire […]

  • Halloween 2021

    Halloween 2021

    On Halloween night in 2021, Hanny, Wes, Sam, and Le arrived at the costume party in style. Hanny had meticulously crafted a stunning peacock costume with vibrant feathers that shimmered as she strutted her stuff. Wes had transformed himself into a gruesome zombie, with realistic makeup that made him look straight out of a horror […]

  • Support Our Military

    Support Our Military

    The Talbert family of four exuded an air of patriotic pride as they prepared for Halloween. Sam, the youngest son, donned a grenadier costume with meticulous attention to detail, complete with a soldier’s cap and epaulettes. Hanny, the devoted mother, embraced her Air Force girl persona, showcasing her admiration for the armed forces with a […]

  • Halloween 2019

    Halloween 2019

    On Halloween night in 2019, the streets were filled with excited trick-or-treaters in elaborate costumes, eagerly going door-to-door in search of candy. The air was crisp and the moon was full, setting the perfect spooky ambiance for the evening. Groups of ghouls, witches, superheroes, and ghosts could be seen roaming the neighborhood, with laughter and […]